Service Options

Bicycle Repair Hub offers full mobile bike service. All the bikes we service receive the same attention and level of attention, regardless if it is a department store bike or $10,000 road bike.

Bicycle Repair Hub offers a variety of services for your bike from our Complete Bike Service to custom builds. Don’t forget we carry a selection of bike accessories in the van including pedals and grips from Raceface and PNW, lubes, bells, water bottles and more!

Please note, while we will service and repair mechanical parts of an e-bike, we do not diagnose electrical issues. That is best done by the e-bike manufacturer. If, however, you have sourced the electrical part required for the repair, we will happy help with the installation.

Complete Multi Speed Bike Service ($125), ebike ($145),

No Hidden Service Charge

Depending on how often you ride, a bike should be serviced at least once per season. Most importantly, this is to ensure the bike is safe. All serviced bikes get a complete wipe down. After all, how can a bike mechanic see any damage if a bike is dirty??? Also, a well serviced bike means the parts work properly and don’t experience premature wear.

A Complete Multi Speed Bike tune up includes the following:

– No hidden service chargeFrame inspection and wipe down
– Check and adjust headset, stem, and bars
– Check and tighten BB and cranks
– Drivetrain and cables lubed
– Wheel true
– Hub adjust
– Cassette tighten
– Tires inflated
– Shifting cable tension
– Derailleur limit screws
– Brake cable tension
– Brake caliper adjustment
– Pad wear check
– Rotor true
– Test ride

Note: Package price does not include parts and installation. Bleeding of disc brakes not included.

Complete Single Speed Service ($85),

No Hidden Service Charge

Why would you pay to have your gears adjusted if you only have 1 speed???  If you have a bike with only 1 speed, this is the service for you! Everything in our Complete Multi Speed Bike tune up is included, except shifter and gear adjustment of course.

Many kids bikes will fall into this “single speed” category. Kids’ bikes tend to get abused and handed down over and over again. This new service will make sure your child’s bike is safe and ready to ride.

Note: Package price does not include parts and installation.

New “in box” Bike Assembly ($145), ebike ($170)

No Hidden Service Charge

Times are a chang’in! Clients want value and are finding amazing online deals on bikes! The problem for some is that the bike shows up at your door in a box needing proper assembly. Let us help you build your new bike so it is safe to ride! Price includes building the bike AND a tuneup to ensure everything is working as it should.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not assemble adult trikes of any kind.

New Department Store Bike Inspection and Service ($110), ebike ($130)

No Hidden Service Charge

Not everyone wants or needs an expensive bike. Many people still choose to shop for their or their child’s bike at a large department store because of the price point and that is OK! But when was the last time you saw an actual bike mechanic building your bike at a department store? Your new bike should be assembled properly and this service will make sure of that.

Not sure if your the bike was put together properly or not? Pull out the seat post from the bike. If there is no grease on the post, the person who built the bike didn’t do it properly.

Hydraulic Disc Brake Bleed ($35 per brake)

When performed with a Tune Up

More and more bikes these days are coming with hydraulic disc brakes. For those who aren’t into bike lingo, this means the brake system is filled with brake fluid, just like your car. Air bubbles can make their way into your brake system and the result is a mushy feeling brake when you pull the lever. When it starts feeling like this, you need to remove the air or risk poor brake performance.

Flat Tire/Inner Tube Replacement (starting at $30)

When performed with a Tune Up

Flat tires are a pretty common if you ride a bike. This can happen from wear and tear or just riding over a rogue wire. This service takes care of that flat tire by replacing the damaged tube with a new one! New Tube, installation, and service fee for the drive out included in the pricing. Please note that some larger sized tubes are more expensive and the final price will be adjusted accordingly.

Corporate Services

Businesses and property management companies can book Bicycle Repair Hub for bike related events. We bring our fully stocked repair van to your workplace and your clients have their bike service while they work!

Call or email to inquire about scheduling and availability.

Other Services

Bicycle Repair Hub can perform most repairs that your bike needs to get back on the road safely. We carry a selection of parts for repair and upgrades as well as accessories such as pedals, grips, lights, water bottles, and bells.

We recognize that the internet has changed how consumers go about purchasing products. While we have suppliers for bike parts and accessories, we are more than happy to help install the bike parts you have sourced yourself.

During the off season, Bicycle Repair Hub offers customized seminars/courses ranging from trail side maintenance to bike maintenance 101.

If the service you are looking for is not listed above, please contact for a quote.